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Latest Headlines

Wisconsin focuses on engaging utilities in energy efficiency

Focus on Energy boasts the participation of some 108 utilities from A (Adams-Columbia Electric Cooperative) to X (Xcel Energy). FierceEnergy caught up with Focus on Energy Director of Operations Tamara Sondgeroth to talk about how the overall program got to where it is today.

DOE accelerating deployment of renewable energy on tribal lands

The Obama Administration made the commitment to partner with Tribal Nations, and these projects build upon that-- providing Native American tribes and Alaska Native villages clean energy options that will reduce fossil fuel use and save money.

Energy efficiency, carbon reductions accelerating in Europe

Momentum in Europe is speeding up energy efficiency and carbon emissions reductions in commercial buildings, as the European Commission grants €1.9 million (around $2.1 million) to fund an initiative aimed at mobilizing private capital for energy efficiency practices across Europe. The European Commission is providing the grant to the Investor Confidence Project Europe (ICP Europe) through its landmark research and innovation program, Horizon 2020.

Utility watchdog says efficiency most effective way to slash energy bills

Shopping for electricity suppliers in the deregulated Illinois market has become more expensive and low-cost power deals have become virtually non-existent, and, as a result, energy-efficiency programs have emerged as the most reliable way to cut utility bills, according to the Citizens Utility Board (CUB).

Massachusetts surpasses energy-efficiency goals for fourth straight year

For the second year in the 2013-2015 three-year efficiency plans, 2014 set "top-in-the-nation targets" for energy-efficiency savings in Massachusetts, producing large consumer savings and environmental benefits, according to preliminary data released by Acadia Center.

Virtual currency could translate into real-life energy savings

A new study conducted by American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy found that incorporating gamification into the energy equation may give consumers even more motivation to cut down on their energy use.

A futurist's view of energy efficiency

​ Futurist Garry Golden presented a "long view" on what energy efficiency might look like years into the future. New products, behavior change, new sources of distributed energy. Sound familiar? Maybe. But Golden's perspective shines new light on how we may start to think about energy efficiency.

North America dominates in energy-efficient building technology investments

North America is a dominant force in the funding ecosystem for innovative energy-efficient building technologies. With $501 million, North America dominated investment in building energy technology with a 74 percent share of the total funding, according to Lux.

Salt Lake City Mayor orders energy efficiency

Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker has issued an Executive Order designed to maximize energy management at all Salt Lake City facilities. In so doing, he stated that the city must "lead by example," taking steps to "actively monitor energy use and improve the efficiency of city facilities."

What Vermont Yankee nuclear plant closure could mean for New England

When Entergy closed its Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant after 42 years of service in late December, there were some concerns about the loss of inexpensive power and jobs in the region. At the time, ISO New England said it could operate successfully without it since there are other sources of power. According to the U.S. Energy Information Agency, there are several options for the system operator.