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Latest Headlines

IEEE bringing energy, education to remote villages

IEEE Smart Village-- an IEEE Foundation Signature Program formerly known as Community Solutions Initiative-- empowers local entrepreneurs through a sustainable business model to establish and operate micro-utility social enterprises in energy-deprived communities. IEEE Smart Village provides the initial technology solutions with a self-sustaining business model to in-country NGO partners, empowering them with renewable-energy solutions for targeted communities and assists program partners in establishing a sustainable business plan and transfers necessary technical skills and ongoing mentorship to local entrepreneurs for installing, operating and maintaining the renewable solutions.

NextEra to develop renewables on Parker Ranch lands

The Parker Ranch Foundation Trust (PRFT) has entered into an agreement with an affiliate of NextEra Energy Resources, LLC that will provide NextEra Energy Resources with long-term access rights to PRFT lands to develop renewable energy derived from PRFT's wind resources.  The potential for renewable energy on PRFT's lands is unique on Hawaii Island and in the state due to the size and scale of the wind resource. 

IRENA: US can save up to $140B with increased renewables investment

The United States can increase the use of renewable energy in its energy portfolio from 7.5 percent in 2010 to 27 percent by 2030. That is according to research from the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA), who also says the U.S. can increase its use of renewable energy in power generation from 14 percent to almost 50 percent by 2030-- making the United States the largest renewable energy user second only to China.

Study evaluates New England investment in clean energy as alternative to natural gas

Prioritizing energy efficiency, renewable energy, and imports of Canadian hydroelectricity would reduce Massachusetts's exposure to wintertime price spikes that result from the state's growing dependence on natural gas for heating and electricity generation. 

API head: Oil and gas regs should keep up with the times

With oil and gas production flourishing, the U.S. should no longer rely on the rules that were adopted during earlier times of less readily available energy resources, American Petroleum Institute (API) president Jack Gerard said during his 2015 State of American Energy address Tuesday.

Indiana utility cuts coal use with wind power

Indiana Michigan Power (I&M) is not walking away from coal but the utility is steadily increasing the amount of wind power in its energy mix. Completion of the Headwaters Wind Farm in Randolph County means the utility will be able to reduce its coal use from 59.6 percent to 49.7 percent, a healthy amount, when it opens this year.

Pennsylvania a clean energy leader, Pew Research says

California may get the spotlight for its renewable energy and related mandates, alternative energy jobs and other achievements, but other states are making their mark too. Pennsylvania has become a clean energy leader, according to a report from The Pew Charitable Trusts.

Michigan trying to redefine renewable energy

A bill that passed the House on December 4 and was referred to the Senate Energy and Technology Committee on December 9-- House Bill 5205-- is causing an uproar among environmental groups in Michigan. The groups, which include the Sierra Club, want the Michigan Senate to defeat HB 5205, which would redefine renewable energy to include burning hazardous waste, tires and railroad ties.

DTE Energy has plans for solar array at Ann Arbor airport

DTE Energy and the city of Ann Arbor, Michigan have announced plans to build one of Michigan's largest solar energy installations — at the Ann Arbor Municipal Airport.

Majority of voting Americans support renewable energy Production Tax Credit

The survey found that the 73 percent of registered voters are supportive of the renewable energy Production Tax Credit (PTC), with 42 percent being "strongly supportive" of the credit.