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Latest Headlines

Germany's solar story

Germany's experience likely provides an opportunity  for the U.S.  to "look ahead" and see how electricity systems, and the rules governing them, will have to adapt when penetration rates of various renewable energy sources reach levels similar to those in Germany.

Dominion making progress toward reducing its environmental impact

Dominion says it has made continued progress in executing its business plan, minimizing the environmental impact of its operations. In fact, in 2013, Dominion produced 50 percent of its electricity it produced from carbon-free nuclear and renewable energy, according to its Citizenship & Sustainability Report (CSR).

Renewable energy lessons from Germany

As a result of the unintended consequences of prior regulation, German policymakers are redesigning the country's energy policies in an effort to achieve long-term, sustainable deployment of renewable energy sources and prevent further market distortions. 

U.S. corporations' renewable energy demand presents clear market opportunity

Utilities take note: 12 major U.S. corporations are sending you a message. They want more options for purchasing renewable energy.

PNM plans to significantly increase renewable energy

The resource plan is consistent with PNM's five-year capital investment plan. To create the plan, PNM analyzed thousands of potential energy resource combinations to identify the best mix of generation sources. They considered future changes in the cost and reliability of each resource mix over time. 

Smart waste as a strategic energy resource

Waste, commonly known as trash, while distasteful to many, can actually be a strategic resource. The volume of waste generated by the world's cities is growing in tandem with the world's population and the pace of economic progress in developing countries. Emerging smart waste technologies offer the opportunity to generate renewable energy, enhance municipal solid waste (MSW) collection, and optimize the environmental performance of landfills.

Latest ACORE report focuses on utilities

"The utility sector is well aware of the disruptive nature of distributed renewable energy. ACORE is focused on making this disruption an opportunity for utilities, not a threat," said James Hewett, ACORE's Power Generation & Infrastructure lead, "[which is] essential to the success of all."

Sierra Club breaking the silence on wind PTC

The Sierra Club has an interesting way of going about urging Congress to reauthorize the federal Wind Production Tax Credit (PTC), which provides incentives for domestic wind energy investments-- by putting politicians on the hotseat and the spotlight. 

Waste-to-energy, biomass just two alternatives to fossil fuels

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has released its first-ever proposed rule limiting carbon dioxide pollution from existing power plants, concerning many fossil-fueled plant operators. But environmentalists and others are confident that renewable energy sources can help meet a potential mandate.

PNM proposes plan to cut water use and power plant emissions

If its 2015 renewable energy plan just filed with the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission is approved, PNM (PNM Resources' New Mexico utility) will build four more solar energy centers in 2015, increasing its solar capacity to 107 MW.