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Latest Headlines

EIB grants first loans for EU energy infrastructure

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has approved a total of €8 billion in financing for projects related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, and energy infrastructure.

Report finds Gov. Brown's renewable goals possible

A new report took a look at California Governor Jerry Brown's renewable energy goals, and whether they are viable. The report, conducted by Strategen Consulting, found that Gov. Brown's 2030 goals are not only possible, but will create jobs.

Lawmakers want to slow wind growth in Maine, despite positive impacts

Wind energy in Maine is in the middle of a battle, but a new report found that it is having positive effects on the environment. The report, commissioned by the Maine Renewable Energy Association (MREA) and conducted by Sustainable Energy Advantage (SEA), found that there have been positive impacts from wind on both the environment and health.

Survey: Majority of Illinois residents ready for clean energy

Illinois utilities like ComEd and Ameren have been making moves in smarter and cleaner energy, but how to Illinoisans feel? A new poll conducted by NRDC, specifically for Illinois, found that residents of the state are committed to renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Texas Senate votes to eliminate RPS

The Texas state Senate is looking to remove incentives for renewable energy in the state by getting rid of their Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). The original bill requires energy retailers to purchase a certain percent of their power from wind and solar producers.

MN bill looks to redefine renewable energy

A new law introduced in committee by Minnesota State Rep. Garofalo would allow utilities to meet the state's solar energy standard through sources other than the sun.

Support for nuclear energy in the United States is dropping

Perception of nuclear energy for electricity saw a small drop in the United States in 2014, with 51 percent of Americans now for it.

Scotland adds to their renewable portfolio with new biomass research center

Scotland is becoming an important name in renewable energy, and they are adding biomass to that list with a new green energy center on the campus of University of St. Andrews.

DOE had a big year in geothermal in 2014

Department of Energy Deputy Assistant Secretary for Renewable Power Doug Hollett said the arrival of Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz helped bring back awareness for the "forgotten renewables"-- including geothermal.

California becomes the first state to produce 5 percent of electricity from solar

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) has found that California is the first state to use more than 5 percent utility-scale solar power for electricity generation. Utility-scale power is defined as 1 megawatt (MW) or larger.