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Latest Headlines

Bloomberg Philanthropies wants to help cities become smarter

Bloomberg Philanthropies has announced an initiative to help make cities smarter. The organization announced a $42 million program-- What Works Cities-- to help city halls use data more effectively.

Sierra Club slams utilities, CPUC after proposed TOU pricing decision

The decision calls on all California investor-owned utilities to move toward a two-tier pricing structure instead of the four-tier structure that currently exists, and begin piloting time-of-use pricing programs in preparation for these programs to be the default option starting in 2019.

EPRI, SCE developing first residential ZNE community in CA

Many utilities are evaluating Zero Net Energy homes, whether as single demonstrations or as pilot programs.  One such effort is being led by the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI) in partnership with Southern California Edison (SCE) to evaluate the energy use and grid integration of at least 20 zero net energy (ZNE) homes-- the first development of a community of highly-efficient houses in California.

Survey: Majority of Illinois residents ready for clean energy

Illinois utilities like ComEd and Ameren have been making moves in smarter and cleaner energy, but how to Illinoisans feel? A new poll conducted by NRDC, specifically for Illinois, found that residents of the state are committed to renewable energy and energy efficiency.

V2X technology positioning EVs for success

As it relates to transportation, the push to improve safety while reducing emissions and energy consumption continues and is driving the development of a number of crucial technologies. These technologies, including electric vehicles and automated driving systems, are being positioned for success with the provision of real-time data to vehicles, drivers, and pedestrians through vehicle-to-external communications.

PSO wins approval to collect $133 million for smart metering

The Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC) has approved a request by Public Service Co. of Oklahoma (PSO) to collect fees from customers for smart meter installation. The settlement will bring $133 million to PSC in the form of rate increases. PSO is an operating unit of American Electric Power (AEP).

Which two utilities are the best places to work?

Forbes has released their list of top employers, and numerous utilities made the list. Dominion Resources came out at No. 1 for utilities-- and No. 37 on the survey, followed by Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), who came in as the second utility on the list, at No. 79.

Clean Line Energy outlines route for Kansas-to-Illinois transmission line

Clean Line Energy is one step closer to their Grain Belt Express Line, a transmission line that will transport wind energy from Kansas to Illinois.

When it comes to customer perception, will the risks of smart grid outweigh the benefits?

Although many consider the smart grid as a necessity of the future, its future is not yet certain. According to a new paper published in the journal Renewable Energy, the development of the smart grid will be dependent on winning over customers and investors.

Americans overwhelmingly support environment over energy development

According to a new poll, nearly 50 percent of Americans say environmental protection should be a government priority, while 39 percent say energy supply development should take priority.