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Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Test results: smart grid will cause chaos and blackouts

Although study after study has said smart meter integration will have no major effect on the grid, a new study found that widespread deployment will cause chaos on the electric grid. So, what is different this time?

REV Track Two: A customer-centric utility model for NY

New York's Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) is on track-- Track Two, that is. Track Two includes a new whitepaper on ratemaking and utility business models by the New York Public Service Commission (PSC).

Money to burn: CEC investing in CA EV superhighway

California is continuing its efforts to create a smart charging infrastructure, and the California Energy Commission (CEC) has money to spend.

Clear winners? Experts claim deregulated retail energy markets are better

The ABACCUS report recognizes Texas as the leader in competitive retail electric markets for the eighth consecutive year. In addition, the Canadian province of Alberta, as well as Connecticut, Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania were all recognized as leading competitive retail electricity markets.

Duplication rate: For water savings, thousands of times over

Many states require the use of water-efficient plumbing products – including WaterSense products meeting EPA criteria-- in all new construction and renovation. The following water-saving examples, says Plumbing Manufacturers International (PMI), can be duplicated thousands of times over to save water at the rate needed to achieve water use reduction goals in states like California.

WaterSense is common sense

Despite the urgent need to save water, consumers and businesses in drought-stricken states have been slow to purchase and install water-efficient toilets, showerheads and bathroom faucets.

So much solar: Hawaii utilities tempt customers with new tool

For many customers, integrating renewables is still something that seems out of reach. A lack of available information can be an obstacle to pulling the trigger on solar, and HEI is looking to change that.

Breaking in MA: 11th hour net metering amendment

In recent months, there have been a few utilities in a few states who are questioning net metering-- and Massachusetts is one of them. Utilities just lost the battle in the state-- without much say over the final decision.

Solar Habitat for all: Pacific Gas and Electric bringing sun to new homeowners

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is adding solar to their grid, and doing so in many ways. The company announced a $1 million commitment to install rooftop solar on 79 homes in the Habitat for Humanity program.

Moving target: What do customers really want?

Customer satisfaction is becoming more and more important for utilities, but what customers want from their utility is a moving target.