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Latest Headlines

Gauging senior attitudes toward the smart grid

The results of a Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC) analysis of senior's attitudes toward the smart grid and related topics yielded some interesting findings. While U.S. seniors (55+) see saving money and reliability as worthwhile benefits of the smart grid, they are less likely than younger people to get involved in smart grid technologies and programs.

A quick look at smart grid markets

This week’s smart grid markets roundup features forecasts and reports for grid-scale energy storage, wind turbine manufacturing, smart cities, electricity network investments, home energy management products and other topics.

Why strategic energy management is critical to utility success: 7 best practices

In the first part of her article on strategic energy management, contributing author Diane Levin shared five critical keystones that can be used by utilities to support improved engagement with their commercial and industrial customers. This second installment of the article addresses seven best practices for ensuring successful customer engagement.

Advances in solar, storage, energy efficiency could mean big utility revenue losses

New research from Accenture confirms what many have been saying for a long time: utilities could find themselves losing significant revenue as solar, energy storage and energy efficiency sectors grow stronger in the U.S. and Europe. The good news? The company expects losses to be at the “lower end” of its scale.

Substantial growth predicted for DR, smart cities and more smart grid markets

Analysts are forecasting growth in several smart grid and related markets. The markets singled out for substantial growth include residential demand response, solar photovoltaic modules and smart cities. Click for details on these and other market predictions.

Georgia Power rolls out EV charging rebate for business customers

As part of a multi-faceted electric vehicle transportation pilot, Georgia Power has begun an EV charging rebate program for its business customers intended to build interest in electric transportation. Read the story for details on the rebate program and why the utility is doing it.

Smart water meter market to almost double in a few years

While the U.S. is leading in the adoption of smart water meters now, the real growth is in Europe where France is the fastest growing market, analysts say. Read about this and more market news in this week’s smart grid market roundup.

Smart grid wins: a hectic pace for the energy storage sector

As you will notice, this week’s selection of smart grid wins focuses on the energy storage sector. It also includes news on customer engagement, a smart grid program for San Antonio and a project to enhance grid stability in Michigan.

Brattle Group: grid integrated storage could be a big plus for ERCOT

Grid-integrated distributed electricity storage could provide substantial benefits to the Texas power system managed by ERCOT. Among other advantages, storage deployment could reduce power outages for customers and defer transmission and distribution investment, according to a report from the Brattle Group.

A quick look at smart grid markets

This week’s smart grid markets report includes news and forecasts on smart water and electric meters, power and distribution transformers, industrial Internet sensors, flywheel energy storage and commercial and residential HVAC systems. Click for details.