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Latest Headlines

Bullish boon: Water tech startups (finally) attracting attention

The business community appears to be embracing the use of sensors and data analytics software to conserve water like never before.

California Water Czar: Drought could not be much worse

The drought in California could be worse-- but not by much. That was the grim prognosis provided by Felicia Marcus, the Chair of the California State Water Resources Control Board, during a speech last week before Pasadena's Rotary Club at the University Club in Los Angeles.

Using trade associations as a conduit

Officials from three different professional associations from throughout Canada told the energy-efficiency leaders attending the Association of Energy Services Professionals summer conference last month in Niagara Falls that they should be using trade groups as a conduit to deliver their messages.

The secret sauce behind Tesla's 500th EV Supercharger station

The Supercharger system can charge Tesla's Model S electric luxury sedan to about 80% capacity in 30 minutes, which is enough juice to drive about 170 miles. It takes about 30 minutes longer to charge from 80% to 100%.

E-comm biz: San Diego Gas and Electric's e-commerce for customers

Forward-looking utilities are taking steps to engage their customers through e-commerce and digital marketing. 

No good deed goes unpunished: Paying for demand response efforts

Duke Energy customers in Florida are once again seeing their rates go down-- but Duke Energy customers in other states may soon be paying more as a result of their peak demand reduction efforts.

Imagine a day without water

The Value of Water Coalition has announced Imagine A Day Without Water-- a national education campaign that will raise awareness of and build public support for investment in water.

Written in the water: WSC expanding well education efforts

The Water Systems Council (WSC) has received a grant from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to provide technical assistance, training, and educational programs to owners of private and small community water wells.

Powerhouse merger to create second largest U.S. utility

The boards of directors of both Southern Company and AGL Resources have approved a definitive merger agreement to create one of the leading electric and gas utility company in the United States.

Benefits of Entergy consolidation could span decades

Customers of Entergy Louisiana, LLC and Entergy Gulf States Louisiana, LLC will soon be served by a single utility company created through a transaction approved by the Louisiana Public Service Commission.