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Latest Headlines

A smarter approach to electric vehicles and the grid

Our electric grid has grown over time to accommodate the increasing population and electricity use per household. Now we are experiencing an evolutionary shift to electric vehicles (EV) for personal transportation, as is evident from the emergence of more than a dozen manufacturers in the market today. This transformation will necessarily begin to shift delivery of energy from our transportation grid to our electric grid. But how will this be possible? Will we overload the grid?

EU nations agree on updated International Energy Charter

The European Union (EU) and all EU countries met last week in the Netherlands to talk about the world's energy future, and more than 65 countries signed a new 'International Energy Charter'. The charter covers many issues, including development of international trade in energy, the development of efficient energy markets, the promotion and protection of energy investments, access to and development of energy sources, nuclear safety, energy efficiency, and environmental protection.

To speak energy efficiency, you have to know the language

Energy industry leaders who gathered last week in Portland, Oregon for the Association of Energy Services Professionals spring meeting were schooled in speaking the language of energy efficiency-- in more ways than one.

2015 city energy-efficiency scores are in

Despite positive progress, the energy-efficiency scores across the board demonstrate significant room for improvement. Boston was the only city to earn more than 80 points, and only 13 cities earned more than half of the possible points. 

National Grid customers to save $427 million with energy-efficiency programs

National Grid has announced the results for their energy efficiency program in Rhode Island. The utility said that the 41,500 customers who participated in the program in 2014 will save combined $427 million over the course of 13 years. This included 268,468 megawatt-hours (MWh) in 2014.

ComEd launches Green Button Connect My Data

ComEd is providing its customers in northern Illinois increased visibility into their energy consumption with Green Button Connect My Data, which allows customers to authorize third-party service providers to receive direct access to their energy usage analytics via the Green Button functionality. 

Maryland governor signs community solar bill

Maryland is looking to increase their solar presence with a new bill that will allow construction of community solar projects through a three-year pilot program. The bill-- House Bill (HB) 1087-- was signed by Gov. Hogan this week.

Report: Idle energy load costs $19B a year

As homes become smarter, it's important to look at the energy use in smart appliances. A new report looks at the energy used by inactive appliances, electronics, and other electrical devices, and found that those devices use up to $19 billion a year in the United States. That equals around $165 per household.

Customer satisfaction with utilities down for second consecutive year

Customer satisfaction with utilities has declined for the second year in a row, following another harsh winter, according to the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI). In fact, customer satisfaction with gas and electric service providers is down 2.7 percent, to an ACSI score of 74.3 on a scale of 100, according to the index.  

Report: PEV marketing will be key to adoption

Adoption of electric vehicles (EV) is reliant on more than the benefits. Sales and marketing are becoming more important to growing the market. According to a new report by Plug In America, efforts to increase plug-in EV (PEV) sales have been growing in recent years.