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Latest Headlines

ERV helps utilities meet energy efficiency mandates

Many electric and gas utilities offer rebate programs to encourage the use of ERV. These utilities then reap the benefits of the resulting peak load reductions, operating cost savings, and, ultimately, compliance with mandates encouraging the use of energy-efficient equipment.

Litigation tactics tainting federal rulemaking

"Sue and settle" continues to be an attractive vehicle for regulation, because it is difficult for states and industries to intervene in these lawsuits and plaintiffs are often compensated for their attorneys' fees, incentivizing litigation, but the use of this type of litigation can be abused.

Consumer viewpoints on sustainability

The Shelton Group, a marketing communications firm focused on the sustainability and energy-efficiency sectors, has found that consumers' environmental attitudes are improving, but green purchases and behaviors are on the downturn-- and concluded that the economy may be responsible.

AEP, Columbia Gas promoting energy-efficient homes

AEP Ohio and Columbia Gas of Ohio are using Home Energy Rating System (HERS) scores to promote energy-efficient homes in the state, as part of their EnergyCrafted Program. The program calls for building homes that surpass local building codes and meet a higher standard of energy performance.

Early Retrofit Chicago results 'envy of every town in America'

Preliminary results of the Retrofit Chicago Commercial Buildings program-- Chicago's unique partnership to showcase energy efficiency efforts in the city's biggest buildings where dozens of the city's most recognizable buildings have pledged to reduce their energy consumption by 20 percent over five years-- are in. 

Research firm credits Obama for driving EV charging surge

Research and consulting firm GlobalData credits U.S. President Barack Obama as the catalyst for a surging electric vehicles (EV) charging market. The U.S. EV level 2 charging stations market is forecast to jump from $67 million in 2013 to approximately $947 million by 2020, driven by President Obama's target of one million EVs on roads by 2015, according to GlobalData.

U.S. corporations' renewable energy demand presents clear market opportunity

Utilities take note: 12 major U.S. corporations are sending you a message. They want more options for purchasing renewable energy.

PECO energy efficiency programs save 1.5M MWh of electricity

PECO customers have saved more than $350 million through the company's energy-efficiency programs, products and services, such as PECO Smart Ideas, since the programs launched in 2009-- a combination of over $220 million in energy savings and $130 million in rebates, discounts and incentives.

WWT encourages wells over aging water infrastructure

The Water Well Trust, a national nonprofit helping Americans get access to a clean, safe water supply, has broken ground on its second project in Georgia. The existing water infrastructure is failing in Ben Hill County where the project is taking place, and the county cannot afford the estimated $600,000 for repairs.

Colorado Springs Utilities sells out Community Solar Garden before construction

Customers enrolled number more than 400 residential, governmental and commercial clients. Even more customers are on a waiting list for the next Colorado Springs project, which it hopes to build early in 2015.