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Latest Headlines

CVEC celebrates largest solar deployment in New England

Called Cape & Vineyard Solar One, the 22 MW portfolio of solar arrays located on Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard will supply 45 percent of Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard municipal electrical load.

Nearly $13B in DOE loans to support advanced nuclear

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has issued a draft solicitation to provide critical financing to help commercialize advanced nuclear energy technologies, representing the DOE's commitment to overcoming the financial barriers that stand in the way of the deployment of next generation nuclear technologies that can diversify the nation's clean energy portfolio.

A first for renewable energy in the CA desert

This process has set an important and useful precedent…If designed and administered correctly, this landmark effort can provide a blueprint for responsible renewable energy development.

Exelon touts nuclear to meet EPA Clean Power Plan

To meet proposed carbon emissions reduction targets, Illinois must preserve its existing nuclear energy facilities. That is according to Exelon Senior Vice President of Federal Regulatory Affairs and Wholesale Market Policy Kathleen Barrón speaking at a policy session convened by the Illinois Commerce Commission to solicit expert perspectives on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) proposed rule (Clean Power Plan) for reducing carbon emissions from existing power plants.

Long Island offshore wind study underway

A collaborative study of Long Island's offshore wind resources is underway between Deepwater Wind, Stony Brook University (SBU), and renewable energy consultant AWS Truepower (AWS). The collaboration will provide SBU with tools and resources that will strengthen its research in the growing renewable energy industry and support the development of the Deepwater ONE project-- a 210 MW offshore wind farm to be located approximately 30 miles east of Montauk-- proposed by Deepwater Wind in response to a Long Island Power Authority renewable energy request for proposals.

Renewable energy reshaping utilities

Solar energy, particularly distributed photovoltaic (PV) generation, drives more full-time utility employment than any other renewable generating resource, according to research conducted by the Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) and ScottMadden Inc., which looked at how renewable energy is reshaping utilities' organizational structures across 14 utilities.

Clean Energy Fund plan commits $5B to NY renewables

The New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) has proposed a plan for promoting clean energy development after the current authorization of the Energy Efficiency Portfolio Standard (EEPS) and Renewable Energy Portfolio Standard (RPS) programs end in 2015. The Clean Energy Fund is just one component of the strategy to bridge the transition from the current portfolio of clean energy programs to the new Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) market and required regulatory framework.

Public Service Electric and Gas breaks ground on landfill solar project

The Parklands Solar Farm is expected to be in service in early 2015, at which time the Solar 4 All program will have utilized 80 acres of landfill and brownfield space by installing more than 70,000 solar panels, capable of generating more than 20 MW-dc of solar power, which is enough to power about 3,000 homes annually.

LA's $8B green energy initiative

An $8 billion green energy initiative that would bring large amounts of clean electricity to the Los Angeles area by 2023 is being called "the 21 st  Century's Hoover Dam." The project would require construction of one of America's largest wind farms in Wyoming, one of the world's biggest energy storage facilities in Utah, and a 525-mile electric transmission line connecting the two. The proposed project would generate more than twice the amount of electricity produced by the giant 1930s-era hydroelectric dam in Nevada-- 9.2 million megawatt-hours per year vs. 3.9 million megawatt-hours.

Revised strategy driving solar PV in Japan

By the end of 2014, Japan is predicted to have added another 8 GW of solar photovoltaic (PV) installations to its current capacity; just more than 5.1 GW is expected to come online in the second half of the year, according to research and consulting firm GlobalData. Driven by initiatives from the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI), GlobalData says, these new developments follow a period of slow deployment for Japanese solar PV projects, which forced the METI to review the previous system of feed-in-tariffs (FIT) and led to the implementation of a revised strategy.