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Latest Headlines

No regrets: Tool steers states toward least cost CPP compliance options

Reducing energy waste, using more renewable energy sources like solar and wind, cogeneration fueled by natural gas and, depending on long-term price projections, an appropriate amount of natural gas-fired combined cycle generation can help Michigan comply with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Clean Power Plan (CPP) at the lowest cost. 

Solar Habitat for all: Pacific Gas and Electric bringing sun to new homeowners

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) is adding solar to their grid, and doing so in many ways. The company announced a $1 million commitment to install rooftop solar on 79 homes in the Habitat for Humanity program.

Asked and answered: Alabama Power could add 250x solar to state grid

When a state isn't making a move to increase renewables, is it up to the utility to step in? Alabama may soon become an example of what happens when a utility implements a large amount of solar well before a state regulates renewables.

How long before every city is powered by renewables?

New Bedford, Massachussetts is the latest on a growing list of cities who will be relying on renewable energy to power their residents. As the list grows, is anything less than 100 percent good enough?

Is renewable a relative term when it comes to data centers?

Powering a data center with wind is more complicated than it may seem. After the announcement by many tech giants of renewably-powered data centers-- it's important to understand what this really means.

Winners and losers: Who takes the best, and worst, spot when it comes to solar installs?

Pepco is not on the same page with other utilities when it comes to solar installations. A new study found the utility takes longer to connect solar than any other utility.

BFFs again? NV Energy and Switch find a way to compromise

NV Energy and Switch appear to be friends again. A month after battling each other in front of the Nevada Public Utilities Commission (PUCN), they found a compromise to make both happy.

Duke Energy bringing solar to a renewable energy veteran

Duke Energy's goals of increasing their renewable capacity is now spilling over to the military-- but they are not the first to venture into government territory.

Good Company: HP joins Amazon, Google, Apple on quest for renewables

Another tech company has decided to jump into the renewable game. Hewlett-Packard (HP) is the latest to announce a wind farm to help power their buildings.

The latest in solar forecasting: Big data meets cognitive computing

IBM Research contends that the solar and wind forecasts it is producing using machine learning and other cognitive computing technologies are proving to be as much as 30 percent more accurate than ones created using conventional approaches.