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Latest Headlines

LA leads the list of top 10 cities for solar PV capacity

By the end of 2014, 20 cities represented 6.5 percent of total solar photovoltaic capacity in the United States, according to a new report.

TEP wants to change net metering rules in Arizona

Tucson Electric Power is proposing a new net metering plan that would lower the amount a utility is required to pay to a customer who is selling their solar back to the grid.

California becomes the first state to produce 5 percent of electricity from solar

The U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) has found that California is the first state to use more than 5 percent utility-scale solar power for electricity generation. Utility-scale power is defined as 1 megawatt (MW) or larger.

Federal agencies renew commitment to hydropower

Three federal agencies are extending their partnership to advance the development of hydropower for another five years. 

Texas Senator rethinking his own renewable energy program

Texas has become a renewable energy leader in the last decade, thanks in part to a renewable energy bill that was introduced by Sen. Troy Fraser in 2005. But Sen. Fraser is asking if the legislation has done its work.

Distributed wind energy has the potential to reach 30 GW by 2030

As part of DWEA's vision to achieve 30 GW of distributed wind by 2030, the association is advocating for the removal of the 100 kW cap on the small wind Investment Tax Credit (ITC), as well as a long-term extension of the ITC. Further, they are calling for a 40 percent ITC for residential wind system up to 20 kW as part of the extension. 

Scotland looking for wave energy proposals

Wave Energy Scotland is looking for submissions for wave innovation "as part of its long-term programme of support for commercialisation of the wave energy sector."

Costa Rica used only renewable energy in first 75 days of 2015

Costa Rica's first quarter 2015 was an important step for the country's energy future. The country reported that in the first 75 days of the year, they used only 100 percent renewable energy.

Danish company plans to build floating wind turbines near Hawaii

A Danish developer has filed a request for projects that would become the first to use floating wind technology in the United States. The two projects, which would be located in federal waters off of Oahu, Hawaii, would each have 51 turbines and produce 408 megawatts (MW) of energy.

Lawmakers look to even the playing field for geothermal

The Geothermal Production Expansion Act is meant to prevent price increases on land due to geothermal projects. The bill was introduced by Sen. Jeff Merkley and Sen. Ron Wyden of Oregon.