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Latest Headlines

Thought Leaders: AWWA series a who's who of the water industry

The American Water Works Association (AWWA) new Thought Leaders Series of videos focusing on industry lessons learned is a veritable who's who of the drinking water and wastewater industries.

TRANSNET: In pursuit of more energy-efficient travel

ARPA-E's newest program, the Traveler Response Architecture using Novel Signaling for Network Efficiency in Transportation (TRANSNET) program takes an alternative, complementary approach through the development of technologies that target both the factors that drive energy consumption and the overall energy efficiency of personal transportation, without changing the mechanical efficiency.

Second place: Natural gas beats coal (briefly)

Times are a'changing, and coal's future is hanging in the balance. But it's not ready to give up its title as the main energy source in the United States quite yet.

Beyond compliance: Exelon collaboration creates value from NERC CIP

To be a step ahead of cyber threats, utilities must implement compliance programs, stay up to date on regulations, and practice disciplined security, as cybersecurity constantly evolves and regulatory requirements periodically adjust to update standards for security measures.

Lowest cost CPP compliance option? What the studies say

Wind energy is the lowest cost solution to helping states affordably and reliably comply with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Clean Power Plan (CPP) to cut carbon pollution from power plants. That is the conclusion of the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA), who says there are independent studies which confirm this.

Vigilante climate action: Gov. Inslee takes matters into his own hands

Washington Gov. Jay Inslee decided to take climate action into his own hands last week, by using his executive authority to create a cap on carbon emissions in the state.

Organisms around us: The next renewable energy?

Solar, wind, biomass-- all the renewable sources the general population has heard of. But could an organism that is abundant in the United States be the next renewable source?

New research may change the design of solar panels forever

Although solar panels have become more streamlined over the last few decades, they still have numerous flaws-- including their design and shape.

New material has potential to out-silicon silicon

A new material is being called the new silicon, and it has such potential the Department of Energy (DOE) is spending millions to research it.

CURC/EPRI roadmap provides path forward for coal

Jointly developed by the Coal Utilization Research Council (CURC) and Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), the CURC-EPRI Advanced Coal Technology Roadmap, focuses on the technologies needed to improve the environmental performance of coal use and to support continued delivery of low-cost electricity, energy and other valuable coal-derived products.