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Latest Headlines

Transportation buzz: e-trucks, e-buses, e-bikes

Does it seem like the buzz over transportation is all electric, all the time? If not, it soon could be, as the sale of four-wheel electric drive and electric-assisted commercial vehicles is expected to jump tenfold and innovation in engine-powered two-wheeled transportation is also accelerating.

Intermittent renewables driving thermal energy storage worldwide

Energy users are shifting to renewable energy sources due to the rise in energy costs and growing importance of environmental protection, driving gains in solar and wind as means to achieve more efficient, environmentally friendly energy.

Emerging economies capitalizing on renewable energy

The past decade has witnessed significant developments in policies for renewable energy, which are driving its growth globally. In fact, new analysis from Frost & Sullivan forecasts the global installed capacity of renewable energy to more than double from 1,566 gigawatts (GW) in 2012 to 3,203 GW in 2025.

Low income customers tell utilities what they need

The results of a survey conducted by DEFG, a management consulting firm specializing in energy, reveals some interesting information about low-income utility customers-- 43 percent (or four in 10) of which have trouble paying their utility bills.

Itron survey reveals top countries for energy and water resourcefulness

A global benchmark survey of utility executives and consumers, noting the state of resourcefulness across the energy and water sectors, as well as key priorities moving forward, has just been released. Resourcefulness is defined as the ability to effectively manage the delivery and use of gas, water and electricity.

Survey: customer satisfaction high, but utilities need to do more

Electric and gas utility customer satisfaction ratings have been rising over the past few years and the just released results of a survey from a division of Market Strategies International found that the trend continues. But further analysis of the numbers showed that even highly rated utilities need to do more to ensure customer trust.

Longer lasting EV batteries from lithium-air technology?

While lithium-ion batteries provide the power for today's electric vehicles, researchers at Yale and MIT believe they have come up with a way to eliminate the most vexing problems associated with lithium-air technology.

New wave of mergers and acquisitions set to hit oil and gas

In 2014, mergers and acquisitions in oil and gas showed a strong recovery after a slow 2013, and with recent oil price decreases and OPEC's decision not to cut output, A.T. Kearney predicts 2015 is set to witness even further M&A activity across the oil and gas value chain-- strategic deals that will be key to growing value and aiding companies to navigate market turbulence.

Major growth forecast for wireless sensor market

An ever-growing number of technological developments has provided an array of applications that have wireless sensors very valuable to a variety of industries and uses. Their value is enough that the global market for wireless sensor networks is forecast to jump from $1.4 billion as of 2014 to $3.26 billion in 2020, according to new research from Frost & Sullivan.

Some insurers offer discounts for smart home gear

Homeowners and renters who buy smart home devices typically do so because they are looking for more ways to save money on their electric bills or simply want the convenience offered by their capabilities. Some of those buyers are getting something most are not: breaks on their insurance rates.