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Latest Headlines

Report offers alternatives to flaring

More than a billion dollars' worth of natural gas is wasted in the United States every year, and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are in the process of setting standards to address some of that waste. At the same time, a new report offers several solutions to solve one part of the issue-- flaring.

EU approves financing for 50 MW of Portugal offshore wind, wave technology

The European Commission is again increasing their support of renewable energy within the European Union (EU). The commission has found that a new Portugese project falls within the scope of EU state aid rules.

Power sector disruption just the start of energy industry transformation

Global megatrends-- such as technological breakthroughs, rapid urbanization and resource shifts-- are creating new opportunities and challenges in customer behavior, new forms of competition, different generation models, and regulatory changes that could "quickly eclipse current company and country strategies," according to PwC.

Survey: Majority of Illinois residents ready for clean energy

Illinois utilities like ComEd and Ameren have been making moves in smarter and cleaner energy, but how to Illinoisans feel? A new poll conducted by NRDC, specifically for Illinois, found that residents of the state are committed to renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Who is educating the energy workforce of the future?

The energy industry's skilled workforce is retiring, and utilities are in desperate need of filling the open positions. But who is responsible for training the energy workforce of the future?

Report finds billions of dollars in natural gas wasted every year

The 20-year climate impact of methane escaping from oil and gas operations worldwide is equal to the carbon dioxide emissions from 40 percent of total global coal combustion.

V2X technology positioning EVs for success

As it relates to transportation, the push to improve safety while reducing emissions and energy consumption continues and is driving the development of a number of crucial technologies. These technologies, including electric vehicles and automated driving systems, are being positioned for success with the provision of real-time data to vehicles, drivers, and pedestrians through vehicle-to-external communications.

Can EVs create grid reliability?

While electric vehicles (EV) have caused questions about whether they would create an unreliability on the grid, a new report found that they may actually have the opposite effect.

Report: Clean Power Plan will have an important effect on jobs

The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Clean Power Plan (CPP) will likely have an important effect on jobs, and researchers at the University of Maryland and Industrial Economics conducted a study on what the future of jobs in the energy sector, and other sectors, will look like.

Report: IoE the future of oil and gas

To stay competitive in the global oil and gas industry, companies must adopt digital technologies powered by the Internet of Everything (IoE)-- the networked connection of people, process, data and things, according to insights from a Cisco Consulting Services survey of industry leaders across 14 countries.  The report, which focuses on the future of technology in the industry, highlights how operational efficiencies can be improved to stay profitable, even with price volatility.