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Latest Headlines

Rice University scientists seek solutions to recycle fracking water

More advanced recycling rather than disposal of "produced" water pumped back out of wells could calm fears of accidental spillage and save millions of gallons of fresh water a year, according to Rice University chemist Andrew Barron.

Demand vs. supply in the shale revolution

Additional natural gas demand from re-emerging and non-traditional sources could exceed 5 billion cubic feet per day by 2019 as numerous proposed projects come online in the U.S and Canada, according to research by Bentek Energy.

Capturing value from oil and gas land operations

Managing the ever growing volume of data combined with fragmented communications and coordination across the organization is exacerbating the challenge of maximizing the value of land operations. With so much at stake, E&Ps are beginning to elevate the strategic importance of land from the back office to forefront of operations, and well-positioned organizations are implementing new systems, processes and operating models across their operations to capture the full value of their upstream investments.

Pay-TV industry driving hundreds of millions in energy efficiency

The voluntary set-top box energy conservation agreement between the pay-TV industry, consumer electronics manufacturers and energy-efficiency advocates has saved American consumers approximately $168 million in energy bills, according to the Voluntary Agreement for Ongoing Improvement to the Energy Efficiency of Set-Top Boxes 2013 Annual Report conducted by D&R International.

NJ utility stimulating state's economy

From 2011 to 2021, Public Service Electric and Gas Company (PSE&G) investments in New Jersey's electric transmission network will be a powerful stimulant of the state's economy, according to an analysis by Rutgers University.

NY customers informing the energy vision

In an effort to inform the New York State Public Service Commission's Reforming the Energy Vision (REV) proceeding, the New York State Smart Grid Consortium (NYSSGC), in partnership with member organizations, has conducted a comprehensive survey of New York residential utility customers' electricity awareness and engagement.

Attitudes on smart grid outsourcing shifting

While utilities have historically avoided outsourcing operations, attitudes are shifting based on the complexity of smart grid deployments and systems integration, as well as a shortage of qualified internal human resources. 

Countries experiencing similar distributed generation pain points

Most nations are experiencing a similar, significant increase in the integration of distributed generation and a corresponding decrease in costs, despite different generation mixes and distribution system structures, according to a Global Smart Grid Federation (GSGF) study on grid connectivity.

Smart city data reflects San Diego EV market, attitudes

Smart City San Diego, which launched its Solar-to-EV project-- one of the first of its kind in the world-- in September 2012, has now released usage data collected at the EV charging stations since November 2012. As part of the electric vehicle (EV) project, five solar-to-EV charging stations were located at the San Diego Zoo in Balboa Park where they used the sun's energy to directly charge plug-in EVs, store solar power for future use, and provide renewable energy to the surrounding area.

North America demand response leader

As electricity markets increasingly recognize the need for demand response programs to manage scheduled or emergency downtime for power plants, as well as a way to mitigate higher wholesale prices and lower overall grid costs, Transparency Market Research (TMR) reports that North America led the global smart demand response capacity market in 2013.