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Latest Headlines

Study results encouraging for more renewable generation in Western Interconnection

Even with high wind and solar penetrations, with good system planning, sound engineering practices and commercially available technologies, the Western Interconnection can withstand that critical first minute after a disturbance occurs.

FirstEnergy has innovative idea to deal with vegetation in rural areas

Mon Power, a West Virginia utility serving nearly 400,000 customers, is working to clear the way for their transmission and distribution (T&D) corridors with helicopters equipped with aerial saws. The saws will help trim trees and maintain clearances along the way.

Battery costs expected to boost EV market

Lux Research is predicting that the electric vehicle (EV) market will expand as the price of lithium-ion (Li-ion) battery packs drop. The estimate is based on a new bottom-up cost model built by Lux, which accounts for differences in battery chemistry, form factor, production scale, location, and other nuances. The research is significant for an industry that is known for being highly secretive about its costs.

Connecticut latest state to offer EV rebates

Connecticut is making it easier to own an electric vehicle (EV) in the state, with the announcement by Governor Dannel Malloy that the state would be offering a rebate for the purchase of an EV-- through the Connecticut Hydrogen and Electric Automobile Purchase Rebate Program (CHEAPR).

IPL planning energy storage facility

Indianapolis Power & Light Co. (IPL) is planning to construct a $25 million energy storage facility in Indiana, and municipalities are already petitioning the utility to choose their location.

EIB grants first loans for EU energy infrastructure

The European Investment Bank (EIB) has approved a total of €8 billion in financing for projects related to energy efficiency, renewable energy, and energy infrastructure.

Xcel Energy given FAA approval for unmanned aircraft

Xcel Energy has become the latest utility to utilize drones to inspect their infrastructure. Xcel received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to use unmanned aircraft to inspect 320,000 miles of electricity and natural gas infrastructure.

DOE report touts untapped new wind resource

New wind turbine designs are putting wind energy-- one of the nation's largest domestic energy resources-- to good use. In fact, a new report, "Enabling Wind Power Nationwide," demonstrates the ability for advanced wind turbines to reach stronger winds higher above the ground, unlocking a previously untapped resource that could eventually bring wind energy development to every state.

VGI tech can help utilities balance generation with demand

As more PEVs populate roads, utilities are likely to become increasingly concerned with managing and making use of these "mobile assets."

ComEd launches Green Button Connect My Data

ComEd is providing its customers in northern Illinois increased visibility into their energy consumption with Green Button Connect My Data, which allows customers to authorize third-party service providers to receive direct access to their energy usage analytics via the Green Button functionality.