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Latest Headlines

Billion dollar telecom deal could be game-changer for fuel cell industry

After languishing on the margins of the world's mainstream energy economy for decades, a multibillion dollar deal announced Thursday suggests that hydrogen fuel cells may finally be ready for prime time.

Moody's to Mississippi Power: Stop the bleeding at Kemper coal

Mississippi Power said it would repay $234 million in federal tax credits due to delays at the coal gasification plant under construction in Kemper County in eastern Mississippi.

Utility industry is ripe for robots, says study

Electric utilities are emerging as early adopters of advanced robotics technologies, especially aerial drones, according to a new report by Navigant Research

Bad for business: GE relocating gas engine factory to Canada

General Electric said that it plans to relocate a major facility for manufacturing gas-powered engines from Wisconsin to Canada in 2017.

Revitalizing the waste heat industry: Developing economies embrace renewable cogeneration

If organic rankine cycle (ORC) generator manufacturer Turboden's growing ORC project pipeline is any indication, the waste heat industry may finally be breaking out of a prolonged period of stagnation.

First Solar brings first solar-plus-diesel system online in Australia

The solar power industry is gaining a foothold in the energy intensive mining sector.

A break from tradition: Water projects embracing design-build model

Fibria, a Brazilian forest products company and the world's largest producer of eucalyptus pulp, owns the Tres Lagoas mill and is footing the bill for the expansion project.

Bullish boon: Water tech startups (finally) attracting attention

The business community appears to be embracing the use of sensors and data analytics software to conserve water like never before.

After pilot success, CA water agency embraces smart water technology

A municipal water agency in southern California said it would deploy advanced water management technologies in an effort to facilitate customer conservation.

Energy efficiency: Who are the top US universities?

Given that universities in the United States spend about $7 billion annually on energy bills, cutting energy consumption even modestly can yield enormous economic benefits.