Natural gas production plunges in Europe's largest field

Despite declining production at a key gas field in the Netherlands, natural gas prices in Europe remain at lowest level in six years. The Netherlands, the largest natural gas producer in the European Union, supplied 14 percent of the European Union's natural gas in 2014.

Falling fast: As solar deployment slips, Germany delays subsidy cuts

Solar power's growth curve in Germany is falling so fast the German government said it would suspend further reductions in the solar feed-in tariff.

Billion dollar telecom deal could be game-changer for fuel cell industry

After languishing on the margins of the world's mainstream energy economy for decades, a multibillion dollar deal announced Thursday suggests that hydrogen fuel cells may finally be ready for prime time.

Moody's to Mississippi Power: Stop the bleeding at Kemper coal

Mississippi Power said it would repay $234 million in federal tax credits due to delays at the coal gasification plant under construction in Kemper County in eastern Mississippi.

Wasted energy: The numbers will astound you

A whopping 54 percent of the total energy used to generate electricity in the United Kingdom is wasted before it even gets to homes and businesses, according to a report released on Thursday.


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Fibria, a Brazilian forest products company and the world's largest producer of eucalyptus pulp, owns the Tres Lagoas mill and is footing the bill for the expansion project.


Jordan has begun collecting and analyzing samples of drinking water supplies as well as wastewater for any evidence of contamination.