New research may change the design of solar panels forever

Although solar panels have become more streamlined over the last few decades, they still have numerous flaws -- including their design and shape.

New material has potential to out-silicon silicon

A new material is being called the new silicon, and it has such potential the Department of Energy (DOE) is spending millions to research it.

Summer demand just part of the operations challenge for utilities

Summer demand is something all utilities have to deal with each year, but when you own nearly a dozen different utilities in different areas of the country -- there has to be a plan for each one, and each area.

Halfway point: Plant Vogtle benefits exceeding original estimates

Benefits for customers under the fulfillment of the DOE loan guarantee are possible because of Georgia's constructive regulatory environment, as well as the company's continued strong performance and credit standing.

CURC/EPRI roadmap provides path forward for coal

Jointly developed by the Coal Utilization Research Council (CURC) and Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), the CURC-EPRI Advanced Coal Technology Roadmap, focuses on the technologies needed to improve the environmental performance of coal use and to support continued delivery of low-cost electricity, energy and other valuable coal-derived products.


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At its annual Power & Energy Society event in Denver this week, IEEE announced the recipients of its Society-Level Awards, which recognize and credit important technical, educational and service contributions by the global power and energy community.


Air pollution is a challenge everywhere and while, in the United States, the Environmental Protection Agency is targeting power plants with its Clean Power Plan, other countries like China are capitalizing on the growing popularity of electric buses.