Emerging economies capitalizing on renewable energy

The past decade has witnessed significant developments in policies for renewable energy, which are driving its growth globally. In fact, new analysis from Frost & Sullivan forecasts the global installed capacity of renewable energy to more than double from 1,566 gigawatts (GW) in 2012 to 3,203 GW in 2025.

Low income customers tell utilities what they need

The results of a survey conducted by DEFG, a management consulting firm specializing in energy, reveals some interesting information about low-income utility customers -- 43 percent (or four in 10) of which have trouble paying their utility bills.

Itron survey reveals top countries for energy and water resourcefulness

A global benchmark survey of utility executives and consumers, noting the state of resourcefulness across the energy and water sectors, as well as key priorities moving forward, has just been released. Resourcefulness is defined as the ability to effectively manage the delivery and use of gas, water and electricity.

Decision to come soon on major Boston to NH transmission line bids

ISO New England will announce its decision on which of two bids it will accept for a major transmission line, the Greater Boston or Southern New Hampshire Reliability Project, in February.

Germany, U.S. partner with India on smart cities development

India has bold plans for smart cities makeovers for a number of its cities. Those plans may now take shape more quickly since Germany and the U.S. have signed on. The two western countries have each signed on to the initiative, with each country to provide assistance for three cities.


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After reading the RAP's paper and discussions with thought leaders in the energy industry, I now think that demands for reforming net-metering policies are premature and those who have already done so, like Wisconsin, are likely a mistake. The total value of DER and net metering policies across all stakeholders, now and into the near future, requires a deeper and broader discussion. It is incorrect to say that net metering is a cross-subsidy from wealthy homeowners to middle and lower classes because costs and benefits change based on time, location, technology, policy and other factors.  


New York's Con Edison has some attractive incentives to offer the owners of large commercial buildings who participate in the utility's summer demand response (DR) programs.