Nearly $13B in DOE loans to support advanced nuclear

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has issued a draft solicitation to provide critical financing to help commercialize advanced nuclear energy technologies, representing the DOE's commitment to overcoming the financial barriers that stand in the way of the deployment of next generation nuclear technologies that can diversify the nation's clean energy portfolio.

Dominion gets FERC Cove Point LNG approval and major backlash

Initially, Cove Point helped the United States overcome what was then an energy shortage. Now that our nation is developing a burgeoning surplus of natural gas, Cove Point can help send a small portion of that surplus to allied nation's looking for stable supplies of clean energy, supporting economic development and replacing coal as a fuel.

MA clean energy sector reporting economic gains

Massachusetts' growth rate of 47 percent in this sector over the past four years, and its 10.5 percent growth in clean energy employment since 2013 are impressive achievements. Other states should consider developing similar reports so that they too can track the job-related impacts of their clean energy programs.

CVEC celebrates largest solar deployment in New England

Called Cape & Vineyard Solar One, the 22 MW portfolio of solar arrays located on Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard will supply 45 percent of Cape Cod and Martha's Vineyard municipal electrical load.

Future of oil and gas driven by collaboration, innovation

The oil and gas industry in America, Europe and Asia is being driven by investments in five main areas -- improvements in safety and operational efficiencies, reducing overall costs, accessing new reserves, and increasing asset lifespan, according to research from Lloyd's Register Energy, a compliance, risk, and technical consultancy.


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New Zealand's Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment has committed $10.6 million to the six-year Security Technologies Returning Accountability, Transparency and User-centric Services (STRATUS) project-- a collaboration between Unitec, Waikato University, the University of Auckland and the Cloud Security Alliance that will create tools to return the control of cloud-based data to users.


HVDC allows power transmission through cables over longer distances and higher capacities compared to AC transmission, but the immature nature of offshore HVDC technologies can cause uncertainties and increased risk exposure for stakeholders and can make projects complicated and costly.