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Latest Headlines

Deregulated TX: Lost savings in the multi-billions

Despite the positive trends for Texans living in areas with retail electric deregulation, the report reveals that electric prices in deregulated areas have remained historically higher, on average, than prices outside deregulated areas. 

Proof positive? Scorching heat could keep energy in TX

Summer energy is in demand, and grid operators across the country are doing what they can to maintain the reliability of their grids. For Texas, high peak demand may be the proof they need to keep their energy in-state.

Nothing less will do: Tech companies want 100 percent renewables

Facebook is working to keep up with their counterparts Google and Apple, by investing in large amounts of renewable energy on their properties.

Texas energy bills face very different fates in state legislature

Two bills in the Texas legislature this session would have big effects on the energy industry in the state-- and the outcomes of the two bills ended up very differently.

Texas legislature wants grid control to remain in state

The Texas Legislature is working to ensure control of the grid stays in the hands of those in the state. Texas is the only state, aside from Hawaii, with its own electric grid. Senate Bill (SB) 933 would give Texas regulators the authority to make decisions about the grid.

Another state senate votes to eliminate wind tax credit

Oklahoma may be following Texas to remove incentives for renewable energy within the state. Senate Bill (SB) 498 would remove the state tax exemption for wind electricity manufacturers after 2016.

Wind energy jobs grew exponentially in 2014

Wind energy is growing, and along with it, wind jobs. According to a new report by the American Wind Energy Association's (AWEA) U.S. Wind Industry Annual Market Report, there were 23,000 jobs added in the wind industry in 2014.

Texas Senate votes to eliminate RPS

The Texas state Senate is looking to remove incentives for renewable energy in the state by getting rid of their Renewable Portfolio Standard (RPS). The original bill requires energy retailers to purchase a certain percent of their power from wind and solar producers.

Texas Senator rethinking his own renewable energy program

Texas has become a renewable energy leader in the last decade, thanks in part to a renewable energy bill that was introduced by Sen. Troy Fraser in 2005. But Sen. Fraser is asking if the legislation has done its work.

Texas plans to power government vehicles with natural gas

Texas is looking to make a big investment in natural gas in the form of vehicles, infrastructure and equipment with a new bill that could fund 28,000 natural gas-powered government vehicles.