Latest Headlines

Latest Headlines

Developing countries moving to clean energy

Developing countries are prioritizing solar, wind, and other renewable energy sources in order to reduce energy poverty, power economic progress, enhance national security by reducing imports, and protect the environment.

Study results encouraging for more renewable generation in Western Interconnection

Even with high wind and solar penetrations, with good system planning, sound engineering practices and commercially available technologies, the Western Interconnection can withstand that critical first minute after a disturbance occurs.

DOE report touts untapped new wind resource

New wind turbine designs are putting wind energy-- one of the nation's largest domestic energy resources-- to good use. In fact, a new report, "Enabling Wind Power Nationwide," demonstrates the ability for advanced wind turbines to reach stronger winds higher above the ground, unlocking a previously untapped resource that could eventually bring wind energy development to every state.

Perfect storm brewing for Con Edison

At its annual shareholders meeting, Consolidated Edison (Con Edison) Chairman and CEO John McAvoy described a perfect storm of sorts-- solar, wind, battery storage, fuel cells, energy efficiency, electric vehicles, and smart meters-- that he believes is changing lives. McAvoy called this a "new world" that the company will not only need to adapt to, but intends to lead.

Natural gas, renewables to grow by 2040- will nuclear follow?

The Energy Information Administration (EIA) has found that electricity will increase each year by 0.8 percent-- between 2013 and 2040. The number is nearly in line with expected population growth. Due to efforts of lowered carbon-related generation, natural gas and renewables make up most of that increase.

Solar, wind could be UAE's cheapest power sources

The UAE could achieve a 10 percent share of renewable energy in its total energy supply-- and almost 25 percent in the power sector-- resulting in energy system savings of $1.9 billion annually by 2030.

Ontario launches new RFP process for wind, other renewables

Canada's Independent Electricity System Operator (IESO) has launched a 565 MW renewable energy request for proposals (RFP)-- of which 300 MW will be dedicated to wind energy. This is the first of three RFPs under IESO's Large Renewable Procurement (LRP), a new competitive process that supports Ontario's targeted goal of 10.7 GW of non-hydro renewable energy capacity by 2021 and reflects Ontario's ongoing commitment to build a cleaner and more sustainable electricity system.

New DOE wind report under attack

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has released a new report looking at the future of wind power and its economic benefits. The report, Wind Vision: A New Era for Wind Power in the United States, contends that with technological advancements driving projected cost reductions, combined with continued siting and transmission development, wind power can be economically deployed to provide renewable power in all 50 states. But not everyone is buying into it.

Renewable energy globally to more than double in 2025

prior to the past decade, less than 50 countries had support policies for renewable energy, but that has increased to more than 130. As a result of political and financial support, investments in renewables have risen dramatically.

U.S. way behind in small wind market

As a result of feed-in tariff policies in the United Kingdom, the U.K. market boomed over the past 2 years and is the leading market worldwide, according to Navigant Research, followed by China and Italy who remain important markets.